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Ann is nothing sort of a miracle,worker! I adopted a beautiful dapple mini doxie the agency had no information on him at all except not to approach him directly. I poo pooed that. I have trained my own dogs all my life- from rhodesian ridge backs to German shepards to standard doxies. So I had no concerns about training Maxie who weights 10'pounds. Can you say oh no she did't. After three long greuling weeks of Maxie 487 me O, I knew I needed professional help, and fast. I found Bark Busters and Ann and there was a flash and after one lesson we were able to pet him. Have him come when called.and just be more attentive. He no longer backed away from us in fear when we approached him. By lesson two he was learning sit and stay. Anne has been a real blessing to Max and my family. She explains very well, provides you with training aides and educational materials. She is the Mary Poppins on the dog world. I recommend her highly.
Harriet K., The Villages, Florida 31st May 2016

PAT & AL B., SUMMERFIELD, Florida 27th May 2016

With just the first session I was able to see a huge improvement with our dog. I was in desperate need of help and Terry really was able to get our dog to listen and show me how to do the same. With the tips she gave us on diet, and how to get and keep our dogs attention, simple tasks like walking and and answering the door are no longer such a challenge. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy spending time with my pooch again.
Danelle W., Titusville, Florida 26th April 2016
Trainer's Comments
Thank you so much, Danelle. Our work has just begun!

I love Pam!! I loved my time with Pam, and look forward to our next training session! She listened to our needs and desires for our dog and addressed those issues first. (He no longer takes US for a walk, but we take him!!). What a difference just our first session has made. Pam was very clear, and she showed us how to reinforce these behaviors in between training sessions. (I'd be happy for you to share my review, but NOT to have my email posted.)
Kim P., Palm Bay, Florida 15th March 2016

Terry Nickerson was awesome! Molly is our two year old Rhodesian ridgeback and journey is our 6month old Lhasa apso, at the end of our first 4 hour session Molly was submitting to our commands and walked perfectly on the leash. Journey is also learning good things from her sisters example. Thank you terry!
Jenny P., Cocoa, Florida 1st January 2016
Trainer's Comments
Thanks Jenny! Keep up the good work!

Pam was knowledgeable, patient and really made our experience amazing. We had unbelievable results the first day. We were able to enjoy an evening walk with out any pulling and we were able to have a restful evening with out Bella pacing and asking for attention all night. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques and found it simple to gain control of our pack. We came into the training hopeful, but doubting it would work. We were absolutely amazed how quickly the dogs responded. We are no longer doubters, but recommenders of Bark Busters. Thanks Pam!
Cameron and Lisa M., Melbourne, Florida 5th October 2015

I absolutely love Casey! After just the first lesson my puppy has improved by so much it's like she is a different dog!!! She is so much better with her jumping on people and walking with me on the leash that I almost can't believe that she is the same puppy!! It makes me so happy to take her out and show others how much better behaved she is and I can't wait for her next lesson and her continued improvements!!! I would highly recommend Bark Busters and Casey in particular for training your dog or puppy!! They are the greatest for coming to my home ( I can't drive) and working one on one with me and my puppy!!!
Christie K., Yalaha, Florida 11th July 2015

My girlfriend and I engaged Pam to help our husky with toileting issues, recalling, and separation anxiety. Her advice and training was very tailored and specific to our home, habits, and personal schedules, and we saw improvements immediately. She showed us new training tricks and how to identify body language in our dog. I would highly recommend Pam and Bark Busters for dogs of any breed.
Joseph W., Melbourne Beach, Florida 15th May 2015

We have a 6 1/2 year old rescue that we fell in love with the minute we met her - she is our perfect baby girl, however, she suffers from separation anxiety. We were beside ourselves thinking what our girl was going thru when we were not home...We tried so many different approaches we had read about, that didn't seem to be working. I went online and learned of Barkbusters, I emailed them, received a call back in less than 24 hrs (the man that took my information was very kind and compassionate). Within the week we had an appointment with Pam - she worked around our hours, and by the end of our first meeting we knew we had made the right decision... Pam gave us exercise tools, suggestions, insight, and most importantly hope...We even had homework. We learned how to be "pack leaders" while not having to be loud (which we are not). My husband and I saw improvements after her 1st visit . We continue to work with Pam and our Scarlett - she improves everyday, and we have Pam to thank for that. Before Barkbusters we were at a loss - seeing your "baby" go thru anxiety is heartbreaking and we really did not want to go the medication route. And through these exercises it has made us a very happy, solid, family unit, so thank you, thank you, thank you Pam and Barkbusters!!!
Kim S., Melbourne, Florida 15th May 2015

Dear Terry, If my owners had not met you, then I would have been sent back to Tennessee. You taught me how to sit, walk on a leash, reduce my separation anxiety, sleep better and be a much better dog. Thank you, Terry! You are the best! Love, Hot Sauce
R D., Cape Canaveral, Florida 29th March 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Hot Sauce! You are a cutie pie! I'm glad for you that you're Mom and Dad found me to help you.

Finally something that worked!!! Pam was so patient with our pack. Each dog had its own needs and she worked well with each of them. She truly took the time to explain to us the reasoning for anything and made us better educated on the mentality of a pack and our role! We are a very busy family so she taught us very simple, but effective strategies. We can't wait for our next lesson!! Definitely worth the money as well and very fair price compared to other programs we have looked into. The best part is they come to you and that clearly affects the training because you see how the dogs act in their normal environment. Thank you Pam!!
Elizabeth W., Lake Nona/St. Cloud, Florida 14th March 2015

Having Terry around as a trainer and therapist (to we, the people), was an essential step and enormous asset to the merging of our families, both canine and human. As soon as Terry arrived at the door, the two new doggie roommates just settled down. Our Ms. Nickerson is a master in the subtle art of teaching by example, blended delightfully with scolding the silly owners, as we blithely went on teaching our puppies bad habits. From learning how to walk the dog, as opposed to the reverse, to the usage of body language and vocal tone, Terry guided us through some "parenting differences," which ultimately resulted in an extremely harmonious home. Just learning how to assert just who is whom in the alpha behaviour dynamic, seemingly a no-brainer, has been of invaluable help. There is a plethora of great information out there about Barkbusters, and I really am very grateful that it is Terry who is OUR behavioural therapist. What a blessing. Just be prepared to do your homework! Thank you, Terry Donna McAllister
Donna M., Cape Canaveral, Florida 5th February 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Donna. All of you were fun to work with!

Today is our 5th day of training since Terry's first visit . We are already seeing some wonderful results with the training methods. Maddie is getting so much better socializing with her new visiting doggies in our neighborhood. She seems to realize there is really no threat to her and she comes out of her aggressive tendencies towards the non familiar dogs very quickly. We also employed the training to her doorbell barking (we kept rewinding the recorded sound off the t.v.) by the 3rd time she had stopped barking. Way to go Terry!!! So glad we found Bark Busters. Looking forward to Maddies complete rehabilitation.
Bill & Debbie H., Cape Canaveral, Florida 31st January 2015
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Bill and Debbie. I totally enjoyed working with you and Maddie. She will continue to come out of her shell and become the dog you hoped she would be.

Pam was very clear and instilled confidence. We had amazing results in the first lesson. I thought it would take months to stop Dusty from attacking the kids on the swings, but I was able to stop her right away. Because Dusty was abused and is so scared, I did not want her to be traumatized further by training. This worked so well, it clearly reduced her stress. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters because it works so quickly and I learned so much about how dogs think! Thank you very much Pam!
Virginia S., Palm bay, Florida 10th December 2014

Pam is awesome. She came in and watched Tiny and Gracie and was able to quickly access their personalities. The first lesson we learned how to become the leader of the pack. Immediately after Pam left 2 different people came to the door and we were able to tell the dogs to stay and they did. It was amazing how having the right tools helped us teach our dogs the correct way to act. I look forward to the next sessions. I highly recommend Pam. She's dedicated, supportive, and very knowledgeable.
Carrie C., Palm Bay, Florida 2nd December 2014

Terry is amazing. She helped us make a difference in GiGi's behavior the first day. She spent about 4 hours with us on our first meeting. We learned so much. She began walking on a loose leash right away. Her barking has stopped about 75%. We are working on that and the separation anxiety. I highly recommend Terry to help you and your pet learn to communicate effectively. She's dedicated and very encouraging and supportive. G.,, Florida 11th November 2014
Trainer's Comments
Thank you Gina! You are great folks to work with!

I am so happy to have found Pam! She has helped us enormously, been patient, answered all our questions and been a great asset to acclimating Milo into our life. Our Milo has made a big change since she stepped in, and even though I know this will be a process I can see how everything is looking so much better already. I look forward to working with her while raising Milo.
Stefania C., Melbourne Beach, Florida 21st September 2014

Pam has proven to be an excellent resource that our family has come to rely on. Unlike most training sessions where you have a to take your dog to an unfamiliar location and only have a short time to work on the items you may have, Pam comes to your home and determines what the issues are and works out a plan to resolve those issues while making it fun for both you and your pet. One aspect I particularly like is that Pam tries to incorporate the complete family in the training. I would recommend Pam to anyone that has a dog. Regardless if you have a puppy or an older dog set in their ways, Pam can come up with a solution to your problem.
Rick R., Palm Bay, Florida 4th September 2014

We just wanted to thank you (and Barkbusters) for a job well done. We went on our first weekend getaway to some friends in Fort Myers this past weekend. They have a greyhound and a (huge) cat but Remi was invited also. She did absolutely wonderful and was welcomed back anytime. I really think our training and the Sunday Fundays work well for socializing her with all sizes of dogs. We were proud pup parents!!! Thank you again for everything you do for Remi and all the other great dogs you train. Had to let you know�.
Van & Roxanne S., Rockledge, Florida 16th July 2014

Christmas was an out of control puppy who did pretty much as she pleased, Pam is not only training the dog but myself as well on how to handle myself so the dog will respect me and will be easier to control, The dog still has a ways to go but Pam is only a phone call away when you encounter a problem and most of the time can be resolved over the phone. I have recommended BB to several people and they all have enrolled their dogs in the program with good results.
Anne B., Melbourne, Florida 31st May 2014

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