Dog Owners Reviews

We are very excited to use the techniques taught to us. Watching how effective the training is, is very encouraging. Thank you for helping us learn how to have a better relationship with our dogs.
Dirc K., Deltona, Florida 14th January 2018

We where thrilled to see the improvement in our dog's behaviors at the end of training.
Jing Z., Winter Springs, Florida 14th January 2018

It was very helpful to learn what Jadee was saying with her body language. She seems to respond better to when I speak to her in her own language.
Jacki G., Lake Mary, Florida 14th January 2018

Saw immediate improvement. It will be a period of learning for both of us but for the first time since I got the puppy, I am hopeful.
Laurie C., Orange City, Florida 10th January 2018

Amazed, received training to work on loose leash walking and manage separation anxiety. We followed up on previous training. Saw results immediately. Thank you!
Wendy A., Clermont, Florida 6th January 2018

John was professional and answered all questions. Rocky responded very well to him. The training was simple and easy to follow. Hopefully the dog responds well afterwards.
Ray B., Sanford, Florida 6th January 2018

John did an amazing job with Bane and myself. I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to communicate better with their dog.
Gary D., Longwood, Florida 3rd January 2018

My dog is very shy, but was able to get comfortable even when a new person was around. He was able to quickly learn what was allowed and not ok. I'm excited to see what he will be able to learn with time.
Kathryn H., Winter Springs, Florida 2nd January 2018

I learned quite a bit about how I can correct my behavior while interacting with Radar. He was quick to pick up the deal-quicker than me! I love the corrections and plan on using them ASAP to keep him in line
Leslie J., Deltona, Florida 30th December 2017

very happy with the progress and surprised how quickly they responded.
Cherie H., Deltona, Florida 30th December 2017

John was very kind and patient. He was thorough in explaining all components of training. Awesome experience overall
Vanessa P., Oviedo, Florida 30th December 2017

Benjamin C., Orlando, Florida 28th December 2017

Pleased with the progress we made today, Bailey listened and responded to the commands relatively easily
John & Chris P., Apopka, Florida 16th December 2017

Today's training was excellent. Session was easily understood. Everything that was a issue was addressed and explained well. I would recommend this training to anyone.
Melissa & Kory J., Maitland, Florida 16th December 2017

Pam was outstanding! She answered all of my questions and had great tips and tricks to help me with my lab, Meeka! Meeka was already following the new commands before Pam even left! Thank you!!
Christine B., Palm Bay, Florida 7th December 2017

This is a process that trains both the dog and owner with vigor. Enjoyed the training and look forward to a well trained dog.
John O., Sanford, Florida 7th December 2017

I was so impressed with Bark Busters. I have an extremely hyper dog and after a few hours, John from Bark Busters solved the issues. I am excited to implement these new tools to have the perfect family dog.
Alex S., Winter Park, Florida 7th December 2017

I cant believe how much progress we have made in such a short amount of time. Our dog is learning to respect everyone in the family pets included.
Desirai L., Orlando, Florida 7th December 2017

I was surprised with both dogs on the quick improvement
David and Liza W., Kissimmee, Florida 5th December 2017

John immediately got Lucy under control,stopped her barking and taught us how to maintain control. Excellent session we will practice what John taught us today.
John and Helen M., Maitland, Florida 3rd December 2017

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