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John was patient and friendly. Maverick was very receptive and took well to John's training methods. Maverick had issues with being mouthy and door knocking aggression. After 30 minutes of focused work we all noted a world of difference. Amazing session! Looking forward to more!!
Jon & Christina C., Deland, Florida 12th February 2018

John was amazing + we saw improvement immediately. We've felt trapped by our dogs behavior and now we feel like there is hope to having well behaved animals!
Robyn & Iliya M., Orlando, Florida 12th February 2018

Within the first hour, all three dogs responded to staying and coming when they were supposed to. Dogs quickly stopped pulling on leashed walks and stayed on task. Very Pleased with our progress!
Liz R., Winter Park, Florida 12th February 2018

I learned alot. He trained very well and is smart.
Robert R., Deltona, Florida 7th February 2018

Amaze-balls! We can't wait for our next session! Our dog transformed before our very eyes! Thank you, John and Bark Busters
Jennifer N., Orlando, Florida 6th February 2018

John was extremely professional. Both my husband and I feel much more prepared to enjoy our puppy. All of our concerns were acomplished in the first lesson.
Christina & Tyler J., windermere, Florida 3rd February 2018

At first I wasn't sure if my dogs would respond well to a trainer, but as the session progressed. I could tell that my dogs actually felt at ease. I was the only one freaking out. The session also taught me how to "talk" to my dogs in a way they can actual "hear" me.
Alex & Natalie W., windermere, Florida 3rd February 2018

Amazing Change/Response just after the first session. Mack responded very well and I am looking forward to continuing the training.
Darrin B., Ocoee, Florida 3rd February 2018

Amazed with how our dog did today. There was a big change today. I feel that it will make all of us very happy.
Giselle W., Oviedo, Florida 3rd February 2018

John Vermeere came out to our home yesterday for our dog's very first training session. We were absolutely blown away by John. We found him to be extremely professional, personable, helpful, and an awesome trainer in general. His professionalism and personality make him the perfect person for this type of position. After he left our home, it was like our dog turned into a whole new dog. Before John came out, it was an absolute nightmare to try and walk our dog; not a pleasure in the least. After John left, we were able to walk our dog the proper way a dog should be walked...........absolutely no pulling at all like before. It was an absolute miracle. The new walking protocol was just one of many things we were able to turn around in just a few hours while John was there. We highly recommend Bark Busters and John Vermeere if you are experiencing any issues at all with your dog. We were very, very discouraged before he got there and were very full of hope after he left. Bark Busters are miracle workers and John is phenomenal. He is an absolute asset to Bark Busters.
Teresa P., DeBary, Florida 31st January 2018

We were so very impressed with John and the very first training session from Bark Busters! We can see the difference in "Noah" already! What a pleasure it is to walk "Noah" now!! Absolutely Amazing!
Terry P., Debary, Florida 28th January 2018

So you think because you own a dog(s) and have for years you know it all. We spend alot of money on our pets and when they are hurt even more. Pam (our )trainer that's my wife and I too. I had no idea that in home training would be so great. We did our research on trainers and most people just go with the cheapest. Actually Bark Buster's was but anyway we could not be happier with Pam. We adopted Lucy a year old lab and knew we needed some professional help. By all accounts we believed her to be a wonderful dog. We now feel our Lucy is a remarkable addition to the family. You need to be trained as well. Do yourself a favor and consider Pam or whomever Bark Buster's sends to realize the potential for a great family member .
Glenn S., Melbourne, Florida 26th January 2018

We were getting very frustrated with Ruckus not listening on the leash. After today I feel we have the knowledge needed to train him properly. Very Impressed.
Aubrey E., Orlando, Florida 26th January 2018

Leash training went very well especially with Starr who is only 13 weeks old. Karleigh worked well at over comimg barking.
Lynn & Robert Z., FL, Florida 26th January 2018

Our training experience was a eye opener. All the things that you would never think about training a puppy comes so easy. All the issues with our puppy Irie, John was so helpful with.
Kati R., deltona, Florida 20th January 2018

Our training was extremely helpful. Petie responded well. All of our questions & concerns were addressed & we have been provided with a workable plan that we will be able to manage, John is wonderful.
Ron & Kris W., Port Orange, Florida 20th January 2018

Instruction and training where very effective yet easily executed. Never would have thought this much progress would happen in one session. John was great and set us up for long term success
David F., Sanford, Florida 20th January 2018

very satisfied
Jack & Marie C., Sanford, Florida 18th January 2018

I wanted to let someone know how pleased we are with Pam Twardzik. She has been worth every dollar spent. Without her I don't know that we could have kept our new family member. She has given us the tools to control and not be controlled. She is very knowledgeable, patient and caring. I would never consider this journey without her. Thank you Pam
Ron B., Palm Bay, Florida 17th January 2018

It was a refresher session for us & our dog Duke & we're thrilled with how duke is responding to us already.
Megan W., Windermere, Florida 15th January 2018

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