Dog Owners Reviews

We thought at first it was too easy but it worked!
Kurt & Becky W., Eustis 30th May 2007

Judy and Mike were very helpful and patient. It was fun and educational and we continue to notice results as we train our dogs. It was a very helpful experience. Judy and Mike are very competent and pleasant to work with.
Jim K, Mineola 30th May 2007

Judy and Mike are very relaxed individuals and added to the calm environment. . . . conducive to learning.
Cara S., Orlando 30th May 2007

It was fun and educational. Helpful to dogs and owners. Therapists are competent and pleasant.
Bob B. & Patti M., Orlando 30th May 2007

I noticed results during the training session! It was interesting because I wanted more insight into a canine's mind. I would recommend Bark Busters because of the home training, the quality of the training and the lifetime guarantee. Mike is very patient and understanding with a trying situation.
Lisa I., Winter Springs 30th May 2007

I was very surprised to see the "common sense" of it all. The way it was explained I could visualize the way a dog understands things. I was very pleased - so easy.
Bethany Johnson, Port Orange 30th May 2007

Mike did a great job with our Holly, this was our last resource in trying to fix her problems and we are glad we made the call. We learned a lot new information about dogs. We would recommend Bark Busters because it is effective and corrects the problem in an easy way for the dog as well as the human to learn.
JIovanna M., Casselberry 30th May 2007

I felt the techniques used just make perfect sense and I got an immediate response from my animals.
Stephanie Penney, Orlando 30th May 2007

I have a different dog in only hours. I have already mentioned your name and will continue to do so.
Kathy G., Orlando 30th May 2007

The training was explained in a way everyone could understand. I like the natural training techniques and the fact there is no treats used and the natural instincts of an animal is used.
Tina Garrett, Orlando 30th May 2007

Mike took a lot of time demonstrating and explaining the techniques. It is an easy system to understand.
David & Regina C., The Villages 30th May 2007

The simplicity of the training is what I appreciate. We really enjoyed Mike's natural gift with Pippy. He made it seem so easy and helped us feel completely at ease.
Sandra McCall, Orlando 30th May 2007

Mike Shamp is very thorough. We learned a great deal and are very happy with the results. I have already told a neighbor.
Jackie G., Lake Mary 30th May 2007

Mike was very deliberate and his presentation was very professional. Sadie is only 5 months old but she did respond right away. It was very enjoyable. I realize that I must focus and practice with Sadie consistently. It was a good experience for both Sadie and me.
Barbara L., Winter Springs 30th May 2007

Mike was great - Very patient, positive and "upbeat." I saw results.
Yvonne M., Winter Springs 30th May 2007

Mike came to our home for the first class for two puppies. By the next day, the two puppies were different dogs. The lesson that Bark Busters gives is totally a learning lesson for not only the dogs but for us as well. I highly reccomend this to all people who want a well-behaved dog. They will be happy and so will you.
Barb Connors, DeBary, FL 19th February 2007

sandra, city 14th February 2007

Good clear directions, very informative. The leash work was amazing. I like the alternative correction- no hitting or pushing.
Anne Marshall, Melbourne, FL 2nd February 2007

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