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Terry was extremely clear and understandable. Murphy is a five- month-old puppy now. He and I learned a lot! He is way ahead of his siblings.
Carol Lichwala, Rockledge 3rd December 2007

I was happily surprised by seeing results so quickly. Within the three hour lesson there was a big change in my dogs' behavior.
Linda Cowan, Port St. John 11th November 2007

On the first day I noticed results.
Bianca Alaimo, Titusville 5th October 2007

Our home seems more tranquil and Rosie is a bit quieter at this early date in training.
Marsha Dunn, Indian Harbor Beach 2nd October 2007

Terry was very professional and personable. After her visit, we felt more relaxed and less stressed with our puppy.
Angela Zechinato, Merritt Island 25th August 2007

We have noticed a considerable improvement in Simon's behavior just after one session with Terry and continue to work with him on a daily basis.
Mary Vaught, Freida's Pet Boutique, Cocoa Village 25th August 2007

Pam and Zeke were very informative and personable. Several of our problem areas were corrected by the time they left. We were very happy that it wasn't treat-based training and have already recommended Bark Busters to a friend.
Mary and Paul Failla, Palm Bay 11th July 2007

Zeke explained everything in a way that every single one of us could understand. I think I was in shock. I had never had my dog listen to me so well. I was especially happy that the discipline was nothing more than a confident voice and a growl. I would have never imagined how excited I would be to train my dog. He was so responsive and grateful for the praise. Thank you for your help!!!
Laura Schaefer, Melbourne Beach 29th June 2007

Extremely easy to understand - It works! I larned a great deal and would recommend this program to everyone.
Barie Feuer, Orlando 3rd June 2007

Both Pam and Zeke were very thorough in their explanation...I was very impressed at how quickly this method works....It is an easy method to learn and it has excellent results. I honestly didn't think that it would work with the amount of dogs I have. I was very surprised when it worked so quickly. I have 47 beagles and the barking was getting out of hand. Now at least I can have visitors at my house without the dogs jumping up and barking. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone that has a dog with behavior problems. It really works!!
C. H., Beagle Rescue, Palm Bay 3rd June 2007

We have a renewed excitement with our pets. It gives us something constructive and beneficial to do together. Thanks for the wonderful program! We truly feel this is a blessing from God. we hope to have our house under control and our lives back so we don't have to live in such a stressful, worrisome environment anymore.
Britney and Joe tokar, Rockledge 3rd June 2007

After the initial presentation during the visit, Fritz responded with greatly improved behavior. I found it to be one of the most enlightening experiences in canine behavior and certainly the most effective. Understanding the leadership of the pack is truly an amazing concept. Based on my personal experience, I am working with Pam through my veterinary practice to have a staff meeting scheduled and initiate training classes at our hospital in the near future.
Joan Holt, Palm Bay 3rd June 2007

What an eye-opener! I've had dogs all my life, but none were the trouble my two corgies were! I now understand how their minds think and how mine should! By doing so, they have immediately become really "well-trained dogs." They are still in the process (only 2 days after our session) of learning, but the positive changes were immediate! Their stubbornness used to wear me down, but no more, and they are a JOY!
Carol C., Winter Park 30th May 2007

Thanks for everything! It's unbelievable how good my dogs are now. I have already been recommending Bark Busters to my friends and clients at Debary Animal Clinic.
Nicole T., Deltona 30th May 2007

This was the best thing I have done for my dog family.
Gabby T., Apopka 30th May 2007

I couldn't believe how easy it was. It was amazing. It wasn't them after all! It was me and my fiancé.
Denise R., DeBary 30th May 2007

Mike was very patient and most helpful! He listened!
Tammy B., Deland 30th May 2007

It's easier than I thought it would be. It's worth the attention (awesome) and it's so easy. I thought my dog was too stubborn and unreceptive to training but she is so receptive.
Sandra E., Winter Park 30th May 2007

Yes, we are amazed at how well the dogs responded. After just a few minutes our notorious door charger, Pie, now waits behind us before going out the door. I wish we would have called years ago. Our older dog who we thought was nearly impossible to train is doing great after just the first session. We are very pleased. We feel like our dogs understand what we want them to do now.
Marcie & Bill A., DeBary 30th May 2007

I was amazed that it worked so well, so quickly. Mike has restored my hope and I am grateful. It was interesting how easy it was when you know what to look for. I would absolutely recommend this type of training to my friends. Mike did an excellent job helping me to train Zoe. She has made unbelievable behavioral changes. Thank you.
Jill Anderson, Orlando 30th May 2007

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