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Terry was precise and well-versed with the program. Dog was completely responsive to technique of the program from the beginning. We have a new dog!
Lee and Felice Anspacher, Suntree 14th March 2008

Lola responded well to the techniques. Having never owned a dog before, though, the challenge is "training" myself to be aware of Lola. I learned a lot about dog behaviors and interaction. Mike was very patient and helpful. Great with the children and their endless questions. We have already recommended Bark Busters.
Michelle Ryan, Oviedo 14th March 2008

It is really quite easy, yet effective, especially getting her (Great Dane) not to pull while on leash & to sit and stay when someone knocks on the front door. I like the idea of not having to give treats all the time for good behavior. She gets praise for achieving good results. Easy system to follow I see results much quicker.
Debbie Nelson, Longwood 11th March 2008

Our first visit was this past Saturday 2/16/08. Our trainer was very professional and not at all intimidating to our pets. We have 2 rescue dogs a little over 2 years old. They are sweet and wonderful with us but one becomes very aggressive when anyone comes to our door or into the house. She also was aggressive when outside on a leash to anyone or thing passing by. We needed help! After the first session we noticed a huge difference! We are more than pleased. We have a long way to go yet but are very confident we will soon be able to have people over to the house without worry or disruption from barking. Our other dog would not come when called and barked at any animal on the TV. That issue also is well on the way to being resolved. Bark Busters works! I highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you, Annette Heathman!
Joyce B., The Villages 18th February 2008

Excellent service. Household stress level has dramatically reduced. Focus has changed from being angry with the dog, to being happy, petting, and praising.
Paul and Roberta Brooke, Rockledge 16th February 2008

Patient, explained well. I had a clear idea of what to do for my work with my dog during the week.
Chris Richards, Satellite Beach 16th February 2008

Terry has been extremely instrumental in making it possible for Jaegar to adjust and become a loving and well behaved member of our family. Jaegar is a 11-month-old Weimaraner that we adopted from a rescue organization. Previously, he had no discipline or correct socialization, basically living in crates or kennels most of his puppy life. We have had lots of dogs in our lives and thought we had the skills to cope with his behaviour problems, we could not have been any more wrong! Terry has trained us to communicate our wishes to Jaegar in such a way that he truly understands what we expect which has relieved us of a great amount of stress and has made him a much happier and well adjusted dog. Terry truly cares not only about the dogs but, the owners as well. The Bark Busters techniques really work! It is amazing!
Roberta Brooke, Rockledge 16th February 2008

The dogs are not barking when the doorbell rings. They are sitting at the door! It was amazing and it only took five minutes. Why didn't I do this sooner? I was amazed at something as simple as standing up when you corrected the dog seemed to be more effective. The wealth of information was so helpful, especially about foods and nutrition.
Karen Smith, Maitland 7th December 2007

Mike's demeanor made the training session a calm event instead of the intense training we have had before. The trainer explained the process and reasoning behind the training in a clear and simple way. The results were amazing. The training process and techniques were positive in nature and easy to follow. The entire process is geared toward success.
Tony, Apopka 7th December 2007

I was totally amazed that Buzz responded like he did. I love the concern for the dog's safety and state of mind. It was hard and frustrating at first but became easier as time passed. I noticed a difference in Buzz in one session. This training will make Buzz a much more enjoyable pet.
Bob Ropp, Orlando 7th December 2007

Yes, I am very pleased that my "boys" are doing so well so fast. I'm glad to know that I don't have to carry treats with me everywhere I go. This is a very simple but complete training system for anyone to execute. I finally have confidence in being able to handle my dogs.
Roberta Alvarez, Port Orange 7th December 2007

It was mentally tiring because we were being trained too! I liked the natural approach.
Tanya Davis, Orlando 7th December 2007

Our dog is still so young, only 12 weeks old. He did very well considering he is so young.
Freddy G., Orlando 7th December 2007

Very professional, helpful and available.
Charlene Mignault, Orlando 7th December 2007

Non-physical method. Noticed results within the first few minutes of training. A very positive experience.
Sarag Cantrell, Maitland 7th December 2007

It is a wonderful way to communicate with my dog in a non-threatening method (for both of us). Later that day, Augie remembered what he had learned about the door and waited for permission to come inside!
Susan Smolen, Maitland 7th December 2007

Very impressive three hours!
Dawn Tenney, Apopka 7th December 2007

The first hour spending time learning about canine behavior before working with the dog was outstanding. Mike is a very relaxed person and very personable. I have recommended to numerous people and posted on our website -
Holly Ryerson, Cassellberry 7th December 2007

The techniques are simple and easy to understand. The trainer doesn't talk down to you either. Our dog seems like a different dog! He is very well behaved. Techniques are fun and simple. Interactive for both the dog, owner and family.
Lauren Shelton, Orlando 7th December 2007

Very informative. We learned so much. It was like had a different dog! He responded very well to the training. I was not looking for a harsh training method. This was perfect. I loved the idea of educating ourselves on the dog's natural way of communication. We saw instant results and it was very educational. Mike was amazing! He explained things so clearly and we will definitely be recommending him to our friends.
Layla Nava, Orlando 7th December 2007

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