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I was extremely surprised by what was accomplished in one day and I already see a change in Sparky and we have only been working with him for 4 days. He already seems more calm to me. Terry made me feel that we could finally do something with Sparky's behavior. He is 16 months old and I was ready to give up on him. Now he will continue to be a happy member of our family and both my husband and myself are calmer.
Paula Dittmar, Viera 8th August 2009

We saw definite results by the end of the training, we were so impressed. We enjoyed meeting Terry and giving us some hope. We got some great tips we can't wait to try.
Denise Mancuso, Melbourne 1st August 2009

In about three days of the first lesson, we saw noticeable results, but that's good for spending five months in a pet store. I like feeling the trainer is happily and readily accessible.
Dot Boucher, Suntree 1st August 2009

Terry is an excellent trainer and therapist. She did a great job working with Sir Peppi. He is a very active dog and needs training. He is also a rescue Yorkie. The natural training techniques were just great and helpful for me. The training experience was very helpful and understanding. I have had dogs all my life but I've learned new methods to use. I will be glad to talk to neighbors and people about your service.
Ginnie Lievens, Rockledge 1st August 2009

Terry was very thorough and easy to understand. We were totally impressed by Skylla. She picked up on the techniques so fast and so did my husband and I!
Katie and Marcus Figueroa, Rockledge 11th July 2009

We were very pleased that Bailey responded so quickly to the training techniques used by Terry. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. The techniques are simple, effective with no cruelty or undue harshness of action or voice. Very natural. We learned much about dog behavior and how to communicate with Bailey much more effectively. We found Terry most enjoyable to work with, as well as very knowledgeable and thorough in her training. We were so pleased when Bailey responded so quickly to training. Amazing!!
Sandra Kelly, Rockledge 11th July 2009

Terry was very informative and patient! By the end of the training I had a different dog. It was amazing! It was easier than I thought it would be. I recommend Bark Busters to anyone who owns a dog!---Terry was very warm and friendly. I didn't feel intimidated at all!
Melissa Fayne, Cape Canaveral 11th July 2009

Terry has been wonderful - and helps me as much, or more with Lilly. She is great! Bark Busters is fortunate to have Terry!
Linda Ward, Viera 28th April 2009

We are thrilled with the improvement in Rudy's behavior - and it all happened so quickly. You're the best! Thank you.
Robert and Cathie Spurrier, Rockledge 28th April 2009

Terry was very informative about techniques. She was also very informative about the psychology behind them. I was surprised by the positive results given the fact that I have a very dominant male dog! I would not have considered the program without the natural training techniques! I recommended Bark Busters training program within an hour of the trainer leaving! I find the literature given is a good reinforcement for the training program. It helps to keep me on track.
Sherry Lehmann, Cocoa 11th February 2009

My neighbors think I have a new dog because when we take a walk, he is calm. We walked by two strangers and he ignored them!
Janice Basile, Satellite Beach 11th February 2009

Mike was very thorough; my kids and I were very pleased. Both dogs improved during the session, but they will need constant training. It was very understandable and I learned a lot from Mike -- mainly that we humans need the most training. I would recommend Bark Busters because of he care and concern they have for the animals.
Kevin Z., Longwood 6th February 2009

Terry took the time to explain and demonstrate as needed. Very helpful. We, as owners, had more confidence in what needed to be done and how to do it properly. I think Makani sensed that certainly (pack leader). The techniques seem to make sense, and Makani responded nicely. Terry was very patient with us. She answered many questions, brought understanding to issues and provided practice opportunities. The comfort in knowing we have a resource for any issues that may arise gives great peace of mind.
Marti McCoy, Suntree 4th February 2009

Terry was wonderful!! She took the time to explain why our dogs were acting the way they were and addressed ways that we could better communicate. What we wanted was to understand each other better. Since our session, we have been doing much better and they are doing all our behaviors with us asking the correct way and them responding successfully. I feel that the frustrations on both sides are gone now that we are finally speaking the same language. Thank you, Terry!!
Dr. Kimberly Jennings, Young's Animal Hospital, Cocoa 4th February 2009

I was beginning to think there was no hope for my 2-yr-old shih tzu. My other dog is very mild mannered, but Belle would go after anyone who went by our house. Before calling Bark Busters, I read all the testimonials and thought it was too good to be true, but after one lesson with Annette, I was convinced this would work. What I like about BB is the guarantee, the fact Annette came to the house and worked on my problems with Belle not like in a class. I was surprised in less than 6 weeks Belle is a delight and we are not embarrassed to have people over any more. Thanks, Annette.
Laurie Mullins, The Villages 9th January 2009

Pam was absolutely an amazing trainer and fabulous with my dog Baxter. She was patient but firm with him and really taught me a lot about dog mentality and how to easily live as his master. I would and have recommend ANYONE to Bark Busters.
Elizabeth Strobel, Palm Bay 28th December 2008

I received my Australian shepard (Brady) through an individual looking for a good home for Brady. Along with Brady came Bark Busters and Mr. Mike Shamp. He came to our house on a Sunday and spent three hours with my family and me. I learned more in that first visit that the cumulative total of all information received my entire life. Mike's patience and passion for what he does captured my attention immediately, and Brady's instant response to my training from Bark Busters was extremely rewarding. Training from Bark Busters for us and consistency and love for Brady have made our dog more than man's best friend, he is FAMILY. Thank you, Bark Busters, and thank you, Mike Shamp!
Kenneth Binning, Deland 5th December 2008

Terry's a great coach! Thank you so much for all of your help with Charley. We still have work to do but at least we have the tools together now.
Curtis and Julie Deily, Rockledge 25th November 2008

Within one day, recall was improved 100%. Barking problem improved almost immediately. Very pleased.
Connie Morris, Melbourne 17th November 2008

Terry not only explained the material but was able to relate the techniques to our specific behavior problems. Our dog is a "tough case," but he was definitely different after our first session. Even more noticeable results were ahead after the second session. The [natural training techniques] are simple and make sense. The first session was a little long, information overload, but it was all important and relevant. Terry really knows her stuff -- she is every bit as good as the celebrity dog trainers on television.
Marcie and Mike Katz, Merritt Island 30th October 2008

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