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We are extremely pleased with the training techniques. It was amazing to see results with just a subtle change in tone and body language in the first hour of the first visit. They are simple and easy to understand and apply. It was very easy to follow along during the training. The visual guides, paperwork and actual demonstrations were very helpful. It was interesting to see the dog's behavior change within the course of the training, and it wasn't a difficult session at all. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. The techniques are so easy to apply and are extremely effective. Thanks for helping us make a difference with our three high-energy dogs.
Christina V., Chuluuota 9th July 2010

Terry has many tips to try-not just one solution. She truly cared about my dog's progress and was encouraging every step of the way.
Lori Gross, Cocoa 11th June 2010

Jeter was already listening/respecting me more by the end of the first lesson. The thought of training Jeter has always been frustrating. Terry has shown that it is possible, and even enjoyable! Jeter has been in training for one week-the transformation is incredible! Look forward to the next 5+ months!
Krysta Wright, Titusville 6th May 2010

I thought the prices are a bit too high, but if the desired results are attained, it will be worth the cost.
Jerry Henderson, Rockledge 27th April 2010

Terry really listened to our issues and detailed the exact steps we should take and then showed us by example and coached us when we tried the technique. What could be better? Very pleased with the natural training techniques and so was our dog! Just now beginning, but at this point I have already mentioned to several people that we've had good results from the first day. Terry's client gatherings in Cocoa Village are so pleasant and educational.
Art & Ann Apgar, Melbourne 27th April 2010

Chaz is doing very well. He now has a sister, Skyler, and they get along very well. He even sits and waits until I serve her food in another room, without moving, until I come back, serve his and say, "Free ... good boy!" He has happy ears all the time now. Thanks to Mike, he's a much better boy now. :-)
Vicky B., Oviedo 22nd March 2010

In just 24 hours, my husband and I have a different dog. The methods, feedback and suggestions Terry provided made an absolutely huge difference with our Tru. We are so very grateful, and Truman is a very relieved, happy, confident boy (and just loves his new place in the pack). Thank you! :)
Jenifer & Doug Palin, Merritt Island 27th February 2010

Mike is a natural! The brochures are helpful too. We saw results from the minute he walked in the door. It's worth every penny to help manage behaviors so our dog can be a part of our family forever :)
Susan S., Lake Mary 3rd February 2010

Mike presented the techniques in an organized, clear and coherent manner. The Bark Busters techniques made sense, were easy to follow and explained our dog's behavior in ways we had not thought of previously. We have been pet owners for years and still found many new ideas.
Phil Ringle, Ormond Beach 3rd February 2010

It was very worthwhile and it worked!
Judith D, Sanford 3rd February 2010

Unbelievable. Mike Shamp is a pleasure to work with. I can't believe how quickly Cooper responded to the right training. I am so thankful my vet suggested your training. All of my good intentions were never going to work. Cooper is a rescue dog and you could see how truly wonderful he could be...and now he is!
Linda C., Sanford 3rd February 2010

After just one lesson, Etnie is not barking in the car at all and not barking at people, bikers, or cars! I am very happy to learn how to train Etnie with commands and praise rather than with leashes, treats, or pinch collars. The training experience gives owners great insight to how their dogs think and learn. I already have recommended Terry to my family and co-workers. I am very, very happy with the great progress both Etnie and myself have made. Looking forward to the next lesson. :)
Stacey Baggett, Satellite Beach 31st January 2010

I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help you gave us with McGee, he is a completely different dog since the training. We will probably schedule follow-up down the road when we have kids, but what you have taught us is helping tremendously for now! McGee and Lillie (the new girl) stay alone together all day while we're at work and it has made our lives 100% better (and theirs too!). I've recommended you to so many people, I can't believe how much of a difference it has made!
Sherilyn Wiliams, Lake Mary 19th January 2010

Thank you again Mike for coming out to our house and teaching us, especially before our baby comes. I can't thank you enough! Now I'm more confident in recommending you guys! It's funny how we are being trained too, especially to think like a dog. It makes total sense. I would recommend Bark Busters because Mike is very personable and I like to support people I know do a great job. Thanks a million ;)
Caressa Koory, Altamonte Springs 4th January 2010

Terry took her time explaining the procedures and techniques we had to use to help Libby. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first training. Our dog went to Terry! I have already recommended Bark Busters to two others. I have already seen much improvement! I feel so much more confident as a dog owner!
Ray and Stacie Frye, Cape Canaveral 5th November 2009

I saw noticeable results be the end of the first training. It was amazing! We are still working on things - but what we have implemented works great. Already have recommended Bark Busters to several people. Very satisfied.
Jennifer King, Melbourne 5th November 2009

Terry explained the training techniques very well, but on day one, it was a lot to take in. From day one until now, there has been a 100% change in my dog. He's still a puppy, so when he gets older it will be awesome to see the final results. Terry was very thorough with everything in the training and made me understand it a lot better as well. It has been a pleasure working with and staying in contact with Terry for my dog and I both. I have already recommended Bark Busters, and they hired her for their dog trainer. It is great to know, no matter where we are, and have a problem, Bark Busters will always be there for us.
Willis Harvey, Rockledge 10th September 2009

I knew I was not being the best pack leader and so did my dog. With Bark Busters training assistance I am reversing that. Both my dog and I are feeling more comfortable and confident.
Susan Kneeland, Cocoa 23rd August 2009

Terry takes her time in explaining things in which I do appreciate. Oh my gosh! I was shocked in the things I could get my dog to do. I had a blast! I learned so much and would recommend Bark Busters.
Glenda Jennings, Mims 17th August 2009

I started training my 4 dogs with Mike a few years ago, it wasn't easy. I had aggression problems, potty issues, marking, separation anxiety, boundary control, you name it. After a few sessions I started to see a huge improvement in my dogs. Now my dogs can co-exist in the house, no fighting, no marking, and they are very happy pups. His techniques even helped me with issues with my cats. I had tried 3 different dog trainers before and nothing could be done for my dogs. Mike is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and helped us not only train, but communicate with my dogs in a way they can understand. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend this to any one that has a dog. Trust me, it will make your life easy and very happy :) Thanks Mike!!!
Vanessa Jimenez, Debary 11th August 2009

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