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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

We were getting to our wits end with our Calvin and weren't sure what steps to take to correct his behaviors. Just 2 hours with John and we can already see amazing improvement and we're excited to use John's techniques to further our training and Calvin's. we highly recommend their services
Jorie D., Ormond Beach, Florida 20th May 2018

Gracie was much improved following the training she now understands rules and boundaries.
Jennifer L., Winter Park, Florida 18th May 2018

I've just completed my training with Pam. Please understand our dog had some issues and not knowing her the first year of life before we adopted her. I realized a couple things. The petowners need to work with your pet, do your homework as it goes. I would highly recommend Bark Buster's to anyone. Nobody knows everything about training. I dont care how long you've owned dogs. I did see one negative review. It was as though he was reviewing a product. You the pet owner are trained as well. You need to realize there is no magic wand with your pet. It reminds me of a guy one time who gave a top rated "walk behind lawnmower" a bad review because it did not go in reverse. ( I hope he still has his toes) I now have the best dog ever through training with Ms Pam T. We spend so much money on our pets welfare but forget to focus on their real happiness through Bark Buster's training. Thank you again Bark Buster's.
Glenn S., Melbourne, Florida 14th May 2018
Trainer's Comments
Glenn, I am so happy for you and Lucy. It has been amazing seeing your transformation into a great dog owner. Keep working on being the leader she needs you to be. She's a great girl that was very lucky you found her!

Rudi Immediately responded to correction The change is amazing! Within minutes Rudi was on board and "getting it."
Maria C., Orlando, Florida 12th May 2018

Addy has always been hard to take on a walk but John showed me how to properly do it. Addy did wonderful! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep doing what he taught me.
Elena D., Orlando, Florida 5th May 2018

Pointers given worked all the time. Milo acts like he really wants to learn. John showed me the correct way to train Milo.
Michele P., Altomonte Springs, Florida 5th May 2018

Piper responded very well to her new training. We are very excited to continue with her training.
Leila M., Longwood, Florida 3rd May 2018

Great! I thought he was untrainable. Saw a huge difference right away.
Ellen F., Apopka, Florida 30th April 2018

Pleased with the early results. Looking forward to seeing how she picks up on the commands.
Alison A., Longwoof, Florida 29th April 2018

Very nice session, Lilly is getting much better.
Ronald M., Longwood, Florida 29th April 2018

Very nice session, Lilly is getting much better.
Ronald M., Longwood, Florida 29th April 2018

We gained some good knowledge to assist our dogs,and two of our dogs are already better on a leash. We also had some improvement with distance control!
Amy & Allen H., Daytona, Florida 22nd April 2018

Very Helpful, we learned a lot of different ways to work with our dogs on multiple commands. Amazing Trainer working with dogs and owners. I feel more in control of my pets from one session.
Holly & Ramiro P., Winter Springs, Florida 22nd April 2018

Amazed how quickly a little more structure and guidance can take you and your pet. A little help goes a long way. We all need a little help now and then even with our fur babies.
Crystal L., Winter Garden, Florida 21st April 2018

Good start, will need work from us and probably more sessions to get control of her anxiety.
Rose R., Oviedo, Florida 21st April 2018

A very eye opening experience to learn that we had been enabling our dogs bad behavior. The challenging part is to understand how to communicate correctly with our dogs so they understand clearly the behavior we expect from them.
Liza & Carlo T., Winter Springs, Florida 16th April 2018

Both Leo and Lilah learned a ton! Kyle and I are very excited to see what comes out of this experience. We will HIGHLY recommend Bark Busters to anyone we know!
Bianca & Kyle P., Longwood, Florida 16th April 2018

Very good information right away. Saw a noticeable difference right away with both dogs responding well to the training.
Frank & Kerri R., Longwood, Florida 16th April 2018

John was very calm and reassuring with Hercules. He explained everything he was going to do, and then made sure we were comfortable with one lesson before moving on to the next thing.
Steve & Jamie Z., Ocoee, Florida 13th April 2018

John was very patient working both both of our Great Dane puppies. The turn around was nice to see.
Gina M., Oviedo, Florida 12th April 2018

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