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We place a very high value on customer feedback to ensure we stay in tune with our clients needs and expectations and continue to deliver excellent results and customer service. Every customer is given a feedback form which may be returned freepost to our Head Office. The feedback is logged, and where client permission has been given, the testimonials from those feedback forms are published below.

It was time to be honest and get some serious help for my 2 year old min -pin. Scrappy (adolescent male) has never been trained and self proclaimed alpha of our house. My first training session with John was 2+ hours and we already see improvement! We still have work to do, but more hopeful we will have a happy obedient dog.
Ronda D., Casselberry, Florida 19th March 2018

After a couple days with our adopted labrabull Lucy I just wasn't sure. After a few visits from Pam I can not believe I almost gave up on what has become the best dog ever in all aspects. Without Pam's help training our pact I would be pet less.
Glenn S., Melbourne, Florida 18th March 2018

To the point of what we where looking for to change our dogs behavior. We where given commands and exercises to use to train our dog. Great experience
Shane R., Sanford, Florida 17th March 2018

Easy to understand all encompassing Learned a lot! Dogs remained calm & liked John
Pam& Ken F., Winter Springs, Florida 16th March 2018

Our girls needed some help to just be a bit better. After a evening, we learned ways that are easy to do and have a better understanding of how they think. Definitely recommended!
Susan V., Orlando, Florida 15th March 2018

Sandra C., kissimmee, Florida 7th March 2018

Awesome experience - have lots of hope that Rocky's behavior will calm down as well as his whining when we leave him
Steve & Marne' M., Oviedo, Florida 7th March 2018

It was easy to learn and quick to pick up on. Recommend for anyone wanting a better trained dog.
Damaris A., Debary, Florida 7th March 2018

The training was very well prepared and thoroughly presented We Learned a lot from this experience
Ginny A., Apopka, Florida 7th March 2018

We went in very skeptical about a certain issue Marlin had but we were amazed at how well Marlin did with the issue during training!
Jennifer J., Oakland, Florida 1st March 2018

Immediate improvement! very impressive results. Thank you Immediate response to training. With Practice I am sure Brodie will become very well behaved
Paula & Mike M., Winter Park, Florida 26th February 2018

Great Experience
Lisa C., Oviedo, Florida 24th February 2018

Worked on our major problem areas and saw some great improvements. Training will be easy to continue
Carolina A., Deltona, Florida 20th February 2018

It was amazing, very informative. John is absolutely an amazing trainer. He explains everything patiently and clearly. We definitely look forward to working with him. Great just great.
Peggy & Eric S., Deltona, Florida 20th February 2018

Very thorough didn't jump to conclusions, patient with us and the dogs. Gave us very simple commands to work with. Very knowledgeable
Lisa L., Winter Park, Florida 18th February 2018

John is very sweet and patient with the dogs and helped them a lot in just one session.
P.J. C., Winter Springs, Florida 18th February 2018

This session was extremely helpful in understanding the proper corrections and establishing dominance over the dog. We observed improvement immediately in Max's behavior
Christina & Jon P., Longwood, Florida 16th February 2018

John was amazing with Cora. She immediately responded to his training & respected him during the entire training. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with there dog(s).
Kerri B., Casselberry, Florida 16th February 2018

John was very patient. He was excellent in educating my husband and I on what to do and gave us the confidence to lead our dogs.
Melissa S., Winter Garden, Florida 16th February 2018

John was very patient with us - we probably need more correction than the dpg! I am confident we can help Pippa with her dog agresion at his point.
Kim J., Sanford, Florida 14th February 2018

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